1. Tesla Model S

Have you ever wondered what car thieves in the United States avoid the most? Common sense would indicate that a thief would gravitate towards a sleek Tesla Model S and not even consider a used Honda.  However, like many things in life, logic is thrown out the window.  

This is because Tesla reigns as the least stolen car in the United States, and the Honda Accord reigns at the top of the most stolen list. Maybe thieves are worried about the electric car running out of gas or an advanced theft device system that can quickly track them down. So, rack up another accomplishment for Mr. Musk. Not only can Elon Musk engineer one of the best vehicles in the world, but he can also deliver a car that thwarts thieves.

Cars Thieves Don’t Want To Mess With

Tesla has done an amazing job at adding high-end security features to its vehicles that make breaking in difficult and allow police to track stolen Teslas. Features include real-time tracking of the car’s location and an automatic shut-off if the car is reported stolen.  This begs the question, why doesn’t Honda take safety as seriously as Tesla? There’s no doubt that one of the many reasons why Tesla cars are so popular is the low rates of theft. 

Insurance risk analysts measure autos stolen per thousand units.  The industry average for the top ten least robbed vehicles is about 3.5 cars stolen per 1,000.  The Tesla Model S trounced the competition with a .15 rating. This means only a handful were stolen in the entire U.S.  

More Honda Accords were robbed in one corner of Los Angles than all the Teslas nationwide.  Let’s check out some other cars on the bottom of the automobile thieves list.  Get a free Insurance On the Spot quote and save hundreds on the coverage you need today. To get started with your free quote, enter your zip code and answer a few simple questions.   

  1. Jaguar XF

In years past, thieves would often not pass on an opportunity to grab a Jaguar. However, Jaguar has installed upgraded anti-theft technology in models like the XF, which is a thief’s worst nightmare.  If you think your Jag has been stolen, you must make a call to the Jaguar In-Control center. From there, just leave a recorded statement with a police officer, and that’s it. Your Jaguar will be tracked by the second, and police will easily be able to recover it.   

Another feature that thieves hate about the Jaguar XF is that once the car has been double-locked, it can’t start. This means even if a thief breaks in, there’s no way to get the vehicle running.   

  1. Toyota Prius 

The Prius model has been a favorite for years for environmentalist gurus and also those consumers looking to save big on gas.  This electric car gets amazing fuel mileage and comes with one of the lowest theft rates of any automobile on the road today. 

Let’s face it; the Toyota Prius is a bit ugly. There’s a chance the automobile crooks just don’t like to be seen riding around in a tiny electric car. In all seriousness, car thieves don’t go for the Prius, which is a bug plus if you’re looking to buy one. Another big advantage these cars have is they are surprisingly cheap to insure. So not only can you save big bucks on gas, but also on your insurance. Get a quick quote from Insure On The Spot and get the cheapest rates on a Toyota Prius where you live on any car you need to insure.  

  1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been a staple for the company for many years.  The car has an affordable price point, and although it’s not super-fast, it will efficiently get you from point a to b.  This model also sips fuel and is cheaper to insure than most of the competition. Insurance rates are lower than most because this Ford is one of the least robbed cars on the road today. Used Ford Focus cars are super cheap, with many late models costing under $10,000. 

  1. Volvo V70

Perhaps Volvo gets a bad rap for being a boring family car. The truth is it’s one of the safest cars around.  The frame is built like a tank, and Volvo has won numerous safety awards year after year.  

The V70 almost never gets stolen, and thieves just don’t mess with it.  Considering the safety of the car and low theft rate, this Volvo model has some of the cheapest automobile insurance rates of any vehicle.  Apply for your custom quotation at Insurance On The Spot or Call toll-free to get an over-the-phone quote from a licensed agent.     

  1. Subaru Forester

Many baby boomers have made the Forester one of the best-selling small SUVs in the country.  These cars perform amazingly well in just about any type of weather and have a very high resale price value. They are also very reliable, and many owners have driven them over 200,000 miles before getting another vehicle. Another reason to get a Subaru Forester is thieves just don’t touch them.  Also, the Forester has some of the lowest insurance coverage rates of any automobile around. 


Anti-theft technology has made leaps and bounds since the 1980s when all most car thieves needed was a pair of pliers and screwdrivers to steal most cars. One of the biggest anti-theft advancements has been GPS tracking. Tesla electric cars and other brands have been linked to highly sophisticated vehicle tracking technology that allows police to quickly recover a stolen car. 

Another benefit of owning a car with a low theft rate is that you’ll pay lower insurance rates and have greater peace of mind. If you are in the market for a new or used car, it makes sense to check out how often they get stolen. Also, check out the average insurance rates for the model you are considering buying. To review rates where you live, get a free quote from Insurance On The spot. Enter your zip code and see how easy it is to save hundreds on the coverage you need.