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At Insurance on the Spot, we offer the cheapest insurance rates available anywhere in the United States. Even though our rates are low our coverage is great so you don’t have to worry about your insurer not paying on your claim. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive car insurance quote, look no further.

No matter where you are in the United States, most vehicles driven on the roadways must have current auto insurance. Although all cars require car insurance, some state laws offer exceptions for motorcycles, tricycles, and farm equipment, even though these types of vehicles are all abundant in many states.

The minimum and therefore the cheapest auto insurance coverage required by law is liability insurance, and virtually all States require that kind of coverage as the minimum. Liability insurance pays for victims in an accident, usually covering the victim’s medical expenses if any, and car repairs.

Liability insurance will not pay the “at fault” party for car repairs or medical expenses. Liability insurance is meant to provide protection to others if you cause an accident however you will not receive direct benefits from the coverage except as potential protection against lawsuits if you are “at fault”.

If your car is financed, your lender will most likely require that you carry some form of comprehensive/collision coverage in case you are in an accident. Comprehensive and Collision coverage will pay for your car to be replaced or repaired if necessary.

We can have you on the road knowing that you have the best car insurance available at the cheapest car insurance rates around.


It is very essential for everyone to have an auto insurance policy for the vehicle they are driving. Car insurance in Florida is necessary if one wants to drive in Florida. There are several reputed insurance providers in Florida that offer a large number of insurance policies. Insurance On the Spot provide auto insurance policies that will help one in saving money at the time of such accidents. At the time of the accidents, the damages caused to the car along with the injuries caused to the person will be taken care of by insurance providers for all the expenses incurred in such circumstances.

Insurance on the sport provides the liability at the time of calamities like traffic accidents, earthquakes, and many others. Proof of insurance is required at the time of registration and mainly at the time of accidents. If one fails to provide proof of the auto insurance then he can be charged with a heavy legalized penalty. Insurance on the sport also provides PIP insurance which stands for personal injury protection. This PIP insurance covers all of the bodily injuries and several losses caused due to the pain and suffering.

According to the needs and the requirements, one can get the best and most sensible auto insurance in Florida. One can also avail for the discounts on these auto insurance plans and these discounts depend on the factors like marital status and type of vehicle owned. Insurance on the spot and agents offer Florida car insurance quotes. Insurance on the sports agents provides insurance quotes for free. The rates of insurance change each month depending on the companies but most of them make these quotes freely accessible.


Most people prefer to keep a distance from the insurance providers because they take it as a burden. However, they are ignorant of the fact that getting the vehicle insured is one of the most important steps. It provides compensation for any damage to the insured person or in the cases when damage has been done to a third party person. The Florida Insurance Department has made Florida auto insurance mandatory for every car driver. The car drivers are provided with the option to select the coverage type they would prefer. Every car owner or driver wants to have auto insurance that is available at a cheap rate and provides the proper coverage.

Florida car insurance is a little different from other states of auto insurance. The insurance rates are not set by the vehicle insurance companies. Instead, they are being set by the state division of the insurance. Every car driver does not pay the same premiums. However, some groups are made who have the right to pay a similar price as other drivers of Florida. Getting the low price is no more a tough task if one keeps in mind certain tips which are –

  • To reduce the prices of premiums and by going for high deductibles. If the deductible will be higher then the client would be given a low premium later on.
  • The insurers can provide information about various discounts like vehicle discounts, safety discounts, and discounts on driving good. In addition, the discount is also provided on security concerns like an anti-theft system in the vehicle. The policyholder can confirm all these discounts if they are providing coverage as per expectations.
  • The online medium is also proving to be the best medium. The person can search for cheap Florida auto insurance quotes from various companies to fetch the lowest quote. A comparison of quotes of several companies that is at a time 50 companies can be done and the company offering least price can be found out.

The state has a certain rule that the insurance company pays for any injury irrespective of the fact whose fault was that. The coverage provided differs for different people but depends upon the condition of the vehicle and the person. However, the rate may differ in the state for different companies. For this, certain factors are responsible like the type of automobile a person is having, age of the vehicle, average speed, and overall condition of the auto. The driving record of the person is also judged.

Thus, it is recommended to have a clear record of driving. What are the steps taken by the person for security? The seat belt, air-lock brakes, airbags, and anti-theft system are things to be considered. Moreover, if the driver is male or young then expect some strictness. The males have to pay a premium a high rate than females or aged persons. Thus, drive safely as most companies even reward their clients who take care of the security. The policy must be checked properly like the age of the driver mentioned and the manufacturing year of the car. Take benefit of the various discounts and coverage provided by the best Florida auto insurance company selected, Insurance on the Spot.