Defensive Drivers Can Save Money on Auto Insurance

Today more than ever, drivers need to be vigilant behind the wheel. It seems people are doing almost everything but paying attention to the road when driving. Distracted driving is becoming a deadly problem that is not being solved with increased penalties.

With distracted drivers seemingly at every corner, the smart driver is a defensive driver. The good news is defensive drivers can be rewarded by way of getting cheaper auto insurance

defensive driving

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Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers

Have you ever been at a stop light that turns green, and the car in front of you has no clue the light just turned, and then you notice their thumbs are moving like crazy, texting or twittering, oblivious to the world? These are the people that we all share the road with in larger numbers each day, and you need solid defensive driving skills that can save your life.

Not only do automobile accidents injure and even kill many thousands of people on an annual basis, but these incidents have a significant impact on the economy. Beyond the obvious rate hikes by insurance companies, vehicular incidents erase about 2.6% of the nation’s GDP – or gross domestic product. That adds up to tens of billions per year. Automobile accidents also leave long-lasting emotional scars, which can last a lifetime.

After a serious accident, many drivers remain in a constant state of panic about the possibility of getting into another crash at any moment. Also, vehicular accident deaths, while declining in numbers thanks to safer cars, leave families emotionally and often financially devastated. The frustrating truth is that most of these incidents are preventable if people just obey the traffic laws and drive defensively.

Just What Exactly is Defensive Drivers?

Most people don’t even know what defensive driving is or how to put it into practice. In simple terms, defensive driving is actively implementing safe driving procedures and proven techniques that will greatly reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

Defensive driving is also a mindset of being a diligent motorist and always being prepared for any situation that could occur. Lastly, it means being a smart driver and not doing stupid things like texting while driving, which could put the lives of those on the road in serious jeopardy. Check out some common-sense tips below on how you can become a better defensive-minded motorist.

Only Focus on Driving when you Drive

I’m sure you’ve heard the news about self-driving automobiles. Many people predict that in just 5 to 10 years, most of the new vehicles will drive themselves and people will not even need to learn how to drive. 

While this might happen in the future, today’s driver is still controlling the shots behind the wheel. All drivers who control a moving vehicle should strictly focus on driving responsibly and defensively.  This means not worrying about a distraction like a text message or even changing the radio. Always stay focused while driving, and you will greatly reduce the chance of getting into a crash. It’s also a smart thing just to turn your cellphone off when you are driving.   

Stay Alert to Everything Going On Around You

You should continuously scan the road in front of you at all times and look for any danger signs while operating a vehicle. This includes scanning ahead of you, in the back through your rear view and side mirrors, in addition to staying alert to what is next to you. You never know from what direction a danger could come from.

Also, you should look as far ahead as possible for any unusual situations that are approaching. Many people just look at the car directly in front of them. This means if a crash happens 5 or 6 cars ahead, they might not have enough time to appropriately react and likely will end up part of the accident scene.

You should also stay alert to those who share the road with automobiles. This means bicycles, pedestrians, skateboarders, joggers, scooters, and especially animals who are totally unpredictable.  You never know what’s going to happen when you drive, so prepare for everything.

Have an Escape Plan in Mind

You should always have an escape plan in mind when driving. This means being able to slow down in the time in the event the automobile in front of you suddenly slams on the brakes. It also means positioning your vehicle in an area that gives you enough room to make quick adjustments. Many safe driver instructors recommend the middle lane because it gives two escape options. Always have a plan of escape behind the wheel and give yourself room to escape. 

Do Not Follow Too Close or Tailgate

Most driver instructional guides insist on leaving a two-second space between yourself and the vehicles you are following. Allow for three to four seconds between yourself and the car you are following. This will allow you to react to almost any situation.

Don’t Speed or Drive Recklessly

Your speed should always match conditions, which sometimes means the posted speed limit is too fast. Wet or icy roads and limited visibility may decrease the time you have to react to other drivers, so keep that in mind as you’re driving.

Be Aware, Not Paranoid

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by dealing with too many risk factors at the same time. Only concentrate on those that seem to have the biggest chance of causing an accident.

Don’t Become Distracted

A defensive driver is not a distracted driver. Anything that takes your mind off the driving task is a distraction. Stay focused on driving behind the wheel and nothing else.


These are the basic tips and strategies for defensive driving. They will help your auto insurance policy reduce the number of claims on your file. You are in control of your driving outcome. Take matters into your hands, and don’t rely on other drivers to drive defensively.

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