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Car Insurance Rate Factors  

Many of you wonder how insurance companies come up with the rates of a policy. There are numerous factors that come into play that will play a role in your specific premium. This includes actuaries, risk managers, underwriters, and more, which all contribute to determining your auto insurance rates, along with many other factors. Here […]



How to Get Very Cheap Car Insurance with No Deposit  

If you are in a tight financial position but need coverage right away, consider very cheap car insurance with no deposit policy. This type of coverage costs a bit more but will get you legally insured with the least out-of-pocket money. All you need to do is make the first installment payment, which could be […]



Zero Down Car Insurance

There are a number of reasons why someone would need zero down car insurance. The obvious one is they are low on cash but still need to get their vehicle covered. Finding a zero down policy can be tough because not all carriers offer these types of deals. Many providers require a deposit on the […]



DUI Car Insurance

Getting arrested for driving under the influence can change a person’s life, and not for the better. In addition to the immense emotional strain of having your vehicle towed and locked up in jail, numerous financial consequences exist.  Each state has different penalties for DUI offenses, but the national average cost of such an offense […]



Cars Thieves Don’t Want To Mess With

Tesla Model S Have you ever wondered what car thieves in the United States avoid the most? Common sense would indicate that a thief would gravitate towards a sleek Tesla Model S and not even consider a used Honda.  However, like many things in life, logic is thrown out the window.   This is because Tesla […]



Don’t Let Your Auto Insurance Coverage Lapse

When a person cancels their car insurance before getting a new policy, they can unwittingly cause their future rates to go up.  Most people realize the main factors auto insurers use to come up with rates: car model, accident history, driving record, zip code, marital status, and age. Many people don’t realize that having a […]



Insure On The Spot Customer Service

As the old adage goes, “you’ll never know when you’ll need insurance, especially  auto insurance!” That’s made that up, but truth be told, it’s kind of true, and that is why Insure on the spot customer service is always available to help you make an informed decision on the best auto insurance policy. Representatives are […]



Insure On the Spot Quote – Get the Insurance Coverage You Need

Most people don’t think about their auto insurance until they need it, and many people don’t know how to find the best rates. For auto insurance, there are a lot of options out there that you should think about before you buy a policy.  Knowing which coverage is right for you and your family is […]



Should You Buy a Six or Twelve-Month Auto Insurance Policy?

So you did your research and found the perfect car insurance plan at a fair price.  You are just about ready to buy it but pause before you make a final decision.  You aren’t exactly sure whether you should be buying a 6 or 12-month auto insurance policy.  You ask yourself, what are the pros […]



Insure On the Spot Berwyn

Insure On the Spot Berwyn With today’s ongoing inflation, it is crucial to save money wherever you can. For important expenses such as auto insurance, you must ensure you’re receiving the best coverage at the lowest rates possible. With Insure on the Spot Berwyn, good drivers can save $500 and often more. To check rates […]